Computer Technology Needed for Using Blackboard

  • Must have basic computer skills such as word processing and experience using the Internet.

  • Access to a PC with Windows 95 or higher operating system. It should also have at least a 28.8 k baud modem. (A 56 k baud modem is recommended)

  • Must have access to an Internet connection.

  • Must use one of the following Internet browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 5.5 or higher, Netscape Navigator 7.1 or higher, Firefox. For the complete guide of supported operating systems and web browsers please click here (PDF file).

  • Microsoft Word (preferred) or Microsoft Works. Additionally, if you are enrolled in the Organizational Management Online Program (OMOP), you will need PowerPoint.

  • Access to your St. Joseph’s College email account. Your online course instructor will be using your St. Joseph’s College email address for any email correspondence. If you do not know how to access your email, please click here.


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Page last revised: 08/24/2006

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