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1) Start Netscape, Internet Explorer or the Firefox web browser and enter the web address: class.sjcny.edu

(If you are an AOL user, please connect to the Internet using AOL and then minimize this browser and use one of the browsers listed above.)

2) Press the Enter key and click on the Login button. 



3) Enter your Username and Password.

Usernames: Please log in to Blackboard using your WebAdvisor ID
NOTE: If you do not know your WebAdvisor ID please visit http://webadvisor.sjcny.edu
Click the "Account Information" link and then the "What's My User ID?" link. Complete the required fields and click the Submit button. Your WebAdvisor ID will be displayed.

Passwords: If you previously had a Blackboard account, continue to use the password you were using. If you are new to Blackboard, please use your birth date in the format of MMDDYY.
NOTE: If you do not know your password, select the Forgot your password link.

4) Click on the Login button.

You will be brought to the My Institution tab.

Locating Courses

You need to access your course site to begin.  You will have access to the Blackboard Tutorial one week before classes begin.  You will have access to your courses on the day the classes start for the semester. 

Note:  Even though you may see your course listed, you will not have access until the day classes start for the semester.  Please check the course offering booklet or web registration for course start dates.

 1) Click once on your course link located on the right side of the screen under the My Courses box.

Your course will look like the following:


To Navigate through your course, use the Navigation Menu located on the left side of the screen.

Online Student Manual

For additional help on using all the features of your course, there is a student manual located in the Tools area of your course.

1) Click once on the Tools link located on the Navigation Menu.

2) Click once on the Manual link.

Logging Out of Blackboard

When you are done accessing your course, logout of Blackboard by clicking on the Logout button located at the top of the screen.



Trouble Logging In

If at any time you have trouble logging in, please contact St. Joseph’s College Blackboard Support.


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