Campus Technology

Business Technology Center
Opened in October of 2002, St. Joseph’s new $8–million Business Technology Center houses computer workshops, classrooms, and faculty offices in a state–of–the–art, 33,000–square–foot facility. The new Center is part of our strong commitment to developing more computer–based learning throughout the curriculum.

Academic Hardware
St. Joseph’s College provides modern, well–equipped computer facilities for student use. Every computer is connected to the Internet through the College’s reliable, high–speed network.

On the Patchogue Campus, there are a total of 114 IBM™ IntelliStations with flat–panel monitors in five computer classrooms located in the Business Technology Center. Combined with video conference rooms and ceiling–mounted projection and audio systems, the Center brings together academic instruction, technology support services, and institutional training under one roof.

On the Brooklyn Campus, in the McEntegart Hall Library, there are a total of 61 personal computers in three computer classrooms and 24 freestanding computers on the first floor for research and course work. For the Fall 2004 semester, a new instructional classroom with 24 computers has been added to the library's first floor. Two more rooms containing 55 IBM™ Thinkpads equipped for wireless operation and Internet access are available for classroom instruction. The wireless labs allow the College to offer instructors computer lab time without taking away lab time from students.

The Academic Center for Enhancement Services Program in Brooklyn has 12 IBM™ Thinkpads for assisting students individually or in a group. The program is focused on helping students who speak English as a second language with their academic projects.

Presentation projectors are installed for teaching, training, and group projects. The computer labs serve the computer science courses, classes that incorporate computer projects, and students working independently. Labs are open during regular hours, and assistants are available to help students. With recent hardware and software upgrades, St. Joseph’s computer facilities are kept up–to–date and remain a valuable tool for assisting students throughout their college career.

Academic Software
Students use the Windows 2000 operating system and are served by the latest application software for Internet browsing, word processing, spreadsheet analysis, and project presentation. Each workstation is installed with Microsoft Office™ 2000 or 2003; Microsoft Visual Basic™ and Borland™ C++ are used in our computer science courses; and students are learning web site design and creation using Macromedia™ Dreamweaver, Flash, and Fireworks. In addition, a wide range of academic software for various majors, such as Business Administration, Child Study, Mathematics, Accounting, Nursing, Art, English, Sociology and Community Health, is available.

The College has a high–speed fiber optic intra–campus network connecting all offices, instructional facilities, computer labs and libraries. Although separated by 60 miles, a video conferencing system enables the two campuses to hold meetings and specialized courses without traveling.

Most importantly, this network provides reliable Internet access to all students, faculty and staff. The network also makes it possible to provide additional services to faculty and students, both on– and off–campus [see Online Services].

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